Car hire / insurance

Things to watch out for when renting a car

Regardless of the duration, renting a vehicle requires vigilance. The points listed in the contract must be taken into account before the entire rental is made. Rental agencies can provide you with services tailored to your needs and according to…

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How to choose your car rental agency?

Car rental is becoming more and more popular today because of its convenience. Many French people nowadays opt for this solution, either on a one-off basis or on a more regular basis. However, the offers on the market are consequent,…

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Who can drive a rental car?

Are you planning to drive a lot and wondering if someone else can drive your rental car? The secondary driver is obviously useful, especially if you are going on a long trip. For example, if the primary driver is exhausted,…

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The many advantages of car rental between individuals

The concept of the collaborative economy is currently in full development in view of the advances in technology and the Internet. There are more and more platforms for exchanges between individuals, making it easier to put people who offer and…

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Car insurance: how to choose the right repairer in the case of a claim?

In the event of an accident, given that car repairs can be expensive, the first reflex of drivers is always to call their insurance company. The insurance company will then suggest a garage of their choice to repair the damage….

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