In the event of an accident, given that car repairs can be expensive, the first reflex of drivers is always to call their insurance company. The insurance company will then suggest a garage of their choice to repair the damage. The question that arises is: is it possible to choose your own repairer in the event of a claim? How do you choose? And what are the advantages of choosing your own repairer?

Is it possible to choose your own repairer?

Following a claim, the insurance company will suggest to its insured a so-called "approved" garage, i.e. a garage that has already entered into a partnership with the insurer. This arrangement does not allow the injured driver to choose for himself the garage to which he wants his car repaired. However, with the Hamon law of 2014, any motorist who has suffered a claim can now choose himself the repairers to whom he wants to entrust his repairs. The decree relating to the same law published in June 2016 even stipulates that insurance companies are obliged to remind claimants of their right to freely choose the repairer at the time of declaring the claim.

How to choose the right repairer in the event of a claim?

For the repair of your vehicle, you have the choice between an approved garage or a private individual. To choose the right repairer, always remember to ask for an estimate of all services, whether for repairs or breakdown assistance. The estimates will give you a precise idea of the amount to be paid and also allow you to compare the rates of different garages. If you opt for a non-approved garage, simply carry out the repairs to the vehicle and send the invoice to the insurer for reimbursement. However, choosing an approved repairer will allow the insured to be taken care of more quickly and will result in a cheaper bill.

What are the advantages of choosing your own repairer?

Unlike a garage of your choice, which requires advance payment of the repair costs in order to be reimbursed by the insurance a little later, an insurance-affiliated garage will allow you to benefit from coverage without having to advance any costs. Nevertheless, on the other hand, over the time you have been visiting your private garage, you have been able to acquire a solid relationship of trust with it. You already know its way of working, its services, its speed and its price. Moreover, the approved repairer suggested by the insurance company may not be immediately available when you need your vehicle for your trips.