Driving a car in the UK

You’ve probably already dreamed of driving in England … you’re lucky, you can drive in England with your driving licence, but only for three years. That is to say, you can drive in England legally with a licence obtained in…

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Breakdown on the motorway: the right reflexes

Being out of order is always unpleasant. Wherever you are, having problems with your car is a mishap that not everyone wants to experience. On the highway, the situation can be even worse. In a condition like this, it is…

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How to avoid steering wheel steering?

The fact that drunk, drugged and distracted drivers are a danger to themselves and others is fairly well understood, but tired drivers, although often ignored as a risk, are just as dangerous. Sleepiness behind the wheel is probably the leading…

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Smartphone: the essential apps before taking to the road!

As in all areas of life, car apps for smartphones are multiplying for drivers and car owners. Whether they’re for getting around, finding the best deal on gas prices, finding parking, and much more. Here are a few mobile apps…

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Driving abroad: is a French licence enough?

Have you decided to rent a car when you travel abroad? You are probably wondering whether you can drive with your French driving licence. This information may answer your questions. Driving in Europe with your driving licence The French driving…

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A clean and well-maintained car: natural solutions

Having a clean and well-maintained car is nice. The car is the fastest way to get around, whether you use it every day or for special occasions. But maintaining your car should be an obligation, the goal is to spend…

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