London is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial cities for shopping lovers. If you want to know the best streets, malls and shops in the city for shopping, read on, we explain everything! Even though London is reputed to be one of the most expensive cities in all of Europe when it comes to shopping, the important thing is actually to get to know the places, to move around its streets, to find the right bargains. That's why throughout this article we'll give you the best corners of London, or at least the most economical ones to keep your wallet safe. We assure you that it is totally possible to shop for reasonable prices in the British capital and that there is something for everyone. Welcome to the wonderful world of London shopping in London Low-Cost. Check if you want to know more how to find these shops in London. In this article we will talk about all the shops for clothes, home accessories, electronics, markets or even the most commercial streets and areas where you can get the best deals in the city.

The best shopping streets in London

Regent Street

This street in the centre of London is one of the best known shopping streets in the British capital. Regent Street is mainly famous for its upscale shops but don't worry, there are actually shops for every budget. Although it is mainly fashion boutiques, the best place on the street is Hamley's, a toy store that stretches over 5 floors and will delight young and old alike. Other famous shops on the street are Liberty and the Apple shop. You will also find the luxury men's clothing store Jermyn Street in an alley perpendicular to Regent Street.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is another street in central London, very close to Regent Street. It has a lot of shops where shopping fans have to go (even if they don't buy anything). It is, without a doubt, the most famous shopping street in the world. You will find a lot of shops and the most popular brands, affordable or not, all have premises on this street. But this is also where you will see one of the cheapest shops in London: Primark. Of course they have other brands all over the city and that's why we advise you to check their locations because the main one, Oxford Street, is always busy and you can spend a lot of time (too much) of your time looking for what you want and queuing. Other places you don't want to miss on this street are Selfridges, John Lewis or Debehams. If you come to Oxford Street to do your Christmas shopping, you can enjoy the spectacle created by the decorations that fill the street.

Carnaby Street

You will also find this street very close to Regent Street, in the Soho district. If you're around here, it's another must-see street. For those who like to shop amidst the smells of cafes and exotic cuisines, this is your artery. Here you will find the latest in the world of fashion. Between this street and its adjacent alleys, you will see more than 150 different brands to which you must add independent shops and restaurants. It is located next to Kingly Court.


This street is located west of the city centre just south of Hyde Park. Even if you don't go shopping, you'll probably end up on this street. Indeed, Knightsbridge is definitely one of the shopping streets you will pass through whether you are shopping or visiting. And the shop that you can't help whether you want to buy something there or not is Harrods, the city's best-known large warehouses. Although the store has a reputation for being quite expensive, it is where you will find the best souvenirs in London. Another shop for shopping lovers on this street is Harvey Nichols. They sell clothes as well as accessories and cosmetics. They have their own restaurant and food shop.

King's Road

This street in the West End of central London is located in the Chelsea area. It's a bit far from the other streets we mentioned but still a good shopping option. In this street you will once again find the most famous brands, high fashion stores and shops highlighting the latest trends. The shops that stand out are Habitat and Peter Jones but you will also see an antique market and the Vivienne Westwood World's End, famous for inventing punk fashion in the 70s. If you go to this part of London you are sure to leave with something.