Belfast is one of the cities in Northern Ireland chosen by foreigners to live in the country. However, as this area is one of the least chosen, the number of outsiders in this city remains low compared to the rest of England. As the country's capital, it is smaller than others, but it offers all kinds of services and is relatively cheaper than other capitals. If you are one of those people who are thinking of moving here, here is a guide to living and working in Belfast.

Accommodation in Belfast: rental accommodation, areas, temporary accommodation

Living in Belfast

As we have already said, Belfast is one of the cheapest capitals in the UK, so rentals will be cheaper than in other cities. In this city, being rather small, rental prices are not that far apart. However, as is obvious, the more you are in the city centre, the more expensive you are. We leave the article on renting a shared flat in the UK for you to read so that you can get an idea.

East Belfast

East of Belfast, we recommend the following areas: Woodstock Road, Ravenhill Road, Newtownards Road or Holywood Road. In the first two streets, about 30 minutes’ walk from the centre; you will find cheaper rooms or houses as it is a more traditional area. It is a fairly quiet area and you will find supermarkets and the shops in the two main streets. In the other two streets there are new houses, so there may be less rentals available, but you can always look around just in case. As the newer areas do not have as many shops and restaurants, it is best to look for at least one supermarket nearby and, most importantly, the bus stop. Rents in this area are between £250 and £600, depending on whether you are looking for rooms or houses with more than one room.

North Belfast

In this area, we recommend that you look for accommodation near Antrim Road. It is a fairly quiet area and you will have access to the supermarket and the bus. The average price of a two bedroom apartment is around £500.

Belfast City Centre

Here you can find several apartments but the prices will be a bit higher, at least £600, as there are usually no shared apartments, so you will have to rent the whole apartment. Of course you will have all kinds of services.

South Belfast

It is, without a doubt, where more people are looking for a house or rooms, as it is a much more active place with more restaurants, shops and bars. Look for the Lisburn Road, Malone Road or Ormeau Road areas. If you are looking for a room in a shared flat, we recommend Holylands, as it is a student area behind the university. Of course, it is not the quietest part of town. If you don't mind a little noise, outside this area you can also choose Dublin Road or Botanic Avenue. Common rooms in this area cost around £250, sometimes as much as £300.

West Belfast

It has always been one of the most problematic areas of Belfast and, although there are no longer any problems, finding accommodation is much more complicated. Donegall Road is the place to try and find something, also having buses and supermarkets nearby. Two bedroom houses cost around £550.

Belfast outskirts

If you need something cheaper and taking a train or bus to Belfast every day is cost-effective, you can look in some of the cities in the surrounding area. The most important are Lisburn, Bangor, Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus.

Temporary Accommodation

If you are only coming for a season or a holiday in the city, you can choose from a wide range of accommodation types.