As in all areas of life, car apps for smartphones are multiplying for drivers and car owners. Whether they're for getting around, finding the best deal on gas prices, finding parking, and much more. Here are a few mobile apps that will simplify your life as a driver. Just keep your eyes on the road, not your phone, while you drive.

Google Maps

If you've been using Apple Maps for a while or in another mapping application, it's time to return to Google's mothership. This car app for smartphone is simply the best and it just keeps getting better and better. This is especially true if you use Gmail or if you are connected to other Google services on your computer. The places you search for on the search engine are displayed seamlessly in the mobile app. And now that it includes a lot of information from Waze (which Google has purchased), it's even smarter and helps you solve your travel problems.


It would be nice if everyone had a trusted local mechanic, but for a lot of people that is just not the case. Sometimes your car has a problem you've never experienced, you have to take it to a shop you've never been to before, and you have no idea how much it should cost. How do you keep from getting ripped off? RepairPal is a car app for smartphones that gives you accurate average costs for specific repairs to your vehicle and can even help you find a first-rate mechanic nearby.


Automatic is a small electronic key (yes, that's the right word) that plugs into your vehicle's diagnostic port and stays there. It is equipped with GPS and is connected to your smartphone by a mobile application via Bluetooth. This means that it can transmit all sorts of statistics about your vehicle and your driving to your smartphone. The car app for Automatic smartphone shows you parameters such as fuel consumption, engine health, performance, it can even automatically alert the authorities if it detects a serious accident. The electronic key can be used with many similar mobile applications. The dongle can be found on the market for as little as a hundred euros, but most applications are free of charge.