Having a clean and well-maintained car is nice. The car is the fastest way to get around, whether you use it every day or for special occasions. But maintaining your car should be an obligation, the goal is to spend time in a car that envies people. There are many choices for the maintenance of the car, the choice depends on the owner. Whatever the means used, it is important not to abuse nature.

Ecological car wash

When you think about it, is it possible to wash your car in an environmentally friendly way? The answer is yes, ecological car washing is a natural way to clean your property. The materials used are biodegradable, this method saves a significant amount of water. The ecological car wash refrains from the use of chemicals that are harmful. This method is easy to adopt and is more economical. Cleaners can travel to the house or to work for the same result, no more need to travel to high pressure washing. This method is of great importance for the preservation of the environment. The wash can affect the interior as well as the exterior of the car.

The natural self-cleaning of the car

We can help ourselves to wash our car. There are different ways to clean the interior of the car, such as using microfibre cloths for example. Carpets and rugs can be cleaned with Marseille soaps which are really natural means but also with baking soda which is poured at 1càs per m2 to kill dust mites. For greasy stains, microfibre cloths impregnated with white vinegar are recommended.  To remove dirt on the dashboard, wash with black soaps that have been diluted in water. White vinegar is a very effective way to make windows shine, both inside and out.

Professional cleaning

Cleaning your car takes a lot of time, so it is advisable to go to a professional. Making your car clean is hard work for bureaucrats: preparing, scrubbing, lifting, and washing is difficult for some people. The work is well done at a specialist's, you can even make criticisms. High pressure washing requires a lot of water, so it is better to opt for washing outside the house. For ecological washing, they bring products that are adapted to the car and use ecological products but above all they can move around so we can save time.