For the "late sleepers" or the "early risers" know that London is also one of the cities that never sleep, it is therefore possible to find shops open 24 hours a day, and once you have the good addresses in your pocket. You can get used to it very quickly, because it's very practical! You can also easily find the shops through many online stores locators like for instance. Who hasn't it ever happened to? It's 3 o'clock in the morning, you can't sleep or you come back home in the evening, you're hungry like a wolf but your fridge is completely empty... Considering the time, it's going to be complicated to find something to eat... Don't panic, you live in London, and the city has everything planned, because yes it's quite possible to find food shops open at this hour, for the greatest happiness of your stomach! But not only, there are also pharmacies and gyms open 24 hours a day in the capital, to take care of you at any time, isn't life beautiful?

Shopping is a very good idea!

Yes, Tesco, a food store for the most part, but also clothing and home products, has many of its shops all over London which are open 24 hours a day all week! I've already had the chance to go and get a pint of ice cream at 4am, and how can I put it, it's great!

Where to eat?

Twenty Four (VQ)

As its name suggests, this restaurant is open 24 hours a day! And that doesn't spoil the quality of the food, which is incredible! The menu offers a very large choice of dishes; I really recommend their omelettes, which are delicious! At the weekend, in the middle of the night, there is often a queue, because yes, in addition to feasting you, you can also drink a last cocktail!

Balans Soho Society

This restaurant is open until 6am (except Saturday until 2am), closes for a short break, and reopens at 7.30am. Here again, the food is delicious even if I find it a little too greasy (like the maple syrup and bacon pancakes...), on the other hand, on the cocktail menu, there's nothing to say, there are a very large number of choices, and they are really exquisite!

Beigel Bake

If you're a bagel fan, you absolutely must know this address as this is where you'll find the best bagels in all of London, but also one of the oldest shops, and on top of that, H24! I recommend the salted beef one, a must-have, and of course the famous cream cheese and salmon!

Party again and again!

Hippodrome Casino

Feel like partying all night? Except that in London, pubs usually close quite early... But I've discovered that casinos, on the other hand, close very late or not at all! And they have bars, all very nice and with great cocktails! The Hippodrome is one of them! The prices are not necessarily the same as a pub, but are still reasonable. It is even possible to smoke shisha there and to nibble if you're a bit hungry. And why not end the evening with a game of poker? (Don't forget to have your identity papers with you).


You're having a party at home but you realize after a while that you're running out of ammunition (and yes, your friends want to party, and they know how to do it) except that it's very late and you have no idea where you're going to find it... Well, you should know that there's this site, 24houralcohol, which allows you to locate the liquor stores near you, open all night long! So let's get the party started again! (Warning, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health).