Published on : 22 June 20204 min reading time

It is at the end of August 2008 that the last specimen of this first version of Z4 came out of the production lines. A phase 2 is indeed planned for the Los Angeles Motor Show, which will take place shortly after the 2008 Paris Motor Show. The Z4 exists in a roadster version with a canvas hood for this Z4 rhd, unlike its rival the Mercedes SLK, which has adopted a retractable hardtop, but also in a coupe version. Far from the success of its predecessor, the Z3, it ended up selling rather poorly. The fault lies with its less “consensual” styling for this bmw z4 rhd? No one can say for the bmw z4. It’s certainly not because of its high level of road performance for your uk representative, its engines that are both powerful and sober, nor its exemplary reliability. The Z4 combines all these qualities. Perhaps because of a finish one tone below what BMW can do? The prices remain those that accompany all used BMWs, namely high, but without falling into unreasonableness, as for other models for this import bmw England.

The balance sheet for this import BMWEngland is therefore quite remarkable for the bmw z4 rhd. A few recurring problems appear, but only one is really immobilizing and all are well mastered by the network, and quickly resolved when they occur. The others are punctual and only affect a few cars, so they will not be mentioned here concerning this bmw import from England. The purchase of a Z4 can therefore be done without any ulterior motive as a uk agent, peace of mind is assured. On this point the Z4 rhd, BMW has improved a lot compared to a few years ago.

Once the ignition is turned on for this bmw import, the engine’s sound encourages you to go on an adventure and discover the liveliness of the whole package. With the 2.5, we are halfway between the entry level 2.2 and the 3 litres for this bmw import. A good indication of the Z4 rhd that the two other versions of the Z4 can reserve. First of all, thrill-seekers are likely to lose their enthusiasm. Despite its rear-wheel drive, the Z4 remains a predictable vehicle for the bmw z4 rhd. No playful rear end, unless you ask nicely to the bmw z4 DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) by your uk agent. This faithful companion to the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) is responsible for replacing the self-locking system and allows rear wheel spin by your uk agent.

In front of you is the z4 rhd 2494cc in-line 6-cylinder engine with 192hp (141kW) at 6,000rpm and maximum torque of 245Nm at 3,500rpm. When you press the gas pedal, the soundtrack swells as you get closer to the red zone. And the heart to follow the measurement by your uk proxy. Pure pleasure. This Z4 gives us its Tempo 100 in 7 seconds and takes 27.6 s for the kilometre from a standing start. At the risk of getting angry with Polfed, we can reach 235 km/h from the bmw z4. We didn’t go that far with the bmw z4 rhd, but it’s hard to stay up to standards for this bmw import from England.

The dynamism of the bmw z4 and the comfort of the whole package also owe a lot to the chassis. The Z4 has been designed from A to Z as a roadster for this bmw bmw import. This can be explained and felt: its torsional rigidity of 14,500 Nm/degree is more than double that of the Z3 (5,600 Nm/degree). This result is achieved by a white body with a Y-shaped support structure for this bmw import, in which the engine cradles each branch off into a lower body branch and a transmission tunnel branch. Stiffening profiles and thrust planes in the underbody, on the strut domes and on the canopy further increase torsional rigidity.

The drive train already eliminates the need for transmission reactions in the steering column. The balanced axle load distribution (50/50) then ensures a harmonious driving behaviour and allows really high speeds when cornering. The very wide total track width in relation to the body and the anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles give the Z4 a real road-hugging feel for this important bmw, even when cornering. This roadster therefore benefits from a low dynamic axle load transfer. The suspension consists of a front axle with drop struts in die-cast aluminium and twin-tube gas shock absorbers, rack-and-pinion steering and anti-roll bar. The axle of this Z4 rhd rear multi-link multi-link axle with centre-point steering, twin-tube gas shock absorbers and anti-roll bar is characterised above all by the connection between the rear axle support and the bodywork.