Not to mention economic policy and just studying the course of the Book, the Brexit is quite an advantage for us French. Indeed, while we could know rates up to 1.40 and more, today for £1 you get 1.15€ (source Boursorama on 23/03/18). A consequent drop which has brought back to the forefront the importation of vehicles coming from across the Channel.

Prerequisite:Importing foreign vehicles is not an exact science.

In addition to this article, you should inform yourself well about the specific vehicle you wish to import with regard to obtaining the various necessary papers and its possible registration in France. Some cars have no equivalent in France and become a nightmare or even impossible to register in France. A car that has an accident is classified in four categories in England and import a car from there. Cat. A or B is a car that is good for scrap or for parts. Cat. C or D, these are cars that can still be driven sometimes with minor repairs and l Avis Mandataire. You don't necessarily have to be afraid but just be careful with a car from England. The MOT is the equivalent of our technical inspection, it is possible to consult its history online using the car's registration. English cars are highly prone to rust for your English Agent. Indeed, on the one hand it is an island with a very salty air and on the other hand the roads are massively salty in winter. In addition, property prices being excessively high, cars mostly sleep outside importing a car from there. The condition of English cars is random, probably due to their low rating a car from England. "good condition", "rust free", "very clean" and other qualifiers are not always found once in front of the car. As well as "new tires", which is probably true but the English have a love of cheap Chinese tires that are not worth a nail on the road a car from England. The English are less formal than us Avis Mandataire, it rarely surprises them that a Frenchman calls for their car. Even if we are not safe from a sudden cut in the line when we are told that we are from France... Very well known all over the world, it is true that this is not the preferred platform for French people to buy a car. On the other hand, in England and Avis Mandataire Angleterre, you will find many offers and you will be surprised to be caught in the auction game. It has the advantage of presenting an evaluation of the sellers, to be able to bid up to the maximum amount you wish to put, to make an offer directly to the seller which may or may not be accepted, or to buy immediately at the ideal price set by the seller. The prices are generally low to import a car from England, you can make very good deals by going there "at the nerve" for your England Agent. It is a big selling platform, also very much used by the English. The offer is consequent and many professional sellers put their vehicles on this site. In England, there are many small dealers with a car park and a prefabricated shack. Don't be afraid of it, you can find everything there. For your search, use the postcode CT16 1JA, which is the equivalent of Dover, the arrival point of the Channel Tunnel. This will give you an idea of how to get your precious back. Probably one of the best known, although I don't put it in first place as the UK's Attorney General. This site, a victim of its own success, often offers vehicles with higher prices and there are four times fewer ads than Autotrader mentioned above. However, the quality of the vehicles is often superior and if you are looking for cars that are a little more exotic or specific, this is the site for you.