Some new cars are cheaper in other European Union countries, which makes agents and their clients happy. But this is also the case for many second-hand cars. And for some, the idea of buying their dream car cheaper in Germany or Belgium is attractive. Caradisiac therefore explains how to register your car afterwards. As a result, some people consider going to buy the vehicle and buying a car in England, which is so coveted beyond our borders. Some hesitate for fear of insurmountable administrative difficulties, but in reality, it is not so complicated, even if it is necessary to know well the steps, and not to forget anything and especially England formalities.

Registration must be done within a month of purchase

The following supporting documents must be provided. Administrative documents: an identity document a proof of address a request for a registration certificate a proof of sale (either an invoice or a transfer certificate). If the latter is in a foreign language, it must be accompanied by a translation into French by an approved translator. The old registration certificate (this can be an EC certificate like ours, a national registration certificate, or an official document of ownership proving the origin of the vehicle or proving that the registration certificate has been withdrawn) A technical inspection less than 6 months old carried out in a French centre with all the formalities. You also need a tax receipt: the "1993 VT REC" tax receipt (this is a certificate of acquisition issued by the tax authorities, which can be obtained from the Treasury agency where you live). It is necessary to provide the purchase invoice or the certificate of transfer in French, the original registration certificate, an identity document and proof of residence to buy a car in England formalities. The case of a vehicle conforming to a community type. This is the most common since it concerns all vehicles since 1996. You must then provide the COC (Certificate of conformity, or European certificate of conformity), issued by the seller. If the certificate is not provided, you must then ask for an identification certificate from a Community type, a dealer or the manufacturer or its representative in France. Be careful, this procedure can be invoiced, sometimes expensive (up to 180 €). The case of a vehicle conforming to a French national type (often for a vehicle prior to 1996). A certificate of identification to a national type, issued by the manufacturer or his representative in France, is required. It can also be issued by the DREAL (Direction régionale de l'environnement et l'aménagement et du logement, ex DRIRE) responsible for your place of residence, at a cost of 87 €. In all other cases, only the DREAL is competent and will issue a report of receipt on an individual basis. If tests are to be carried out on the car, in France, you will have to go through the only body authorised to carry out these tests, the UTAC. It is expensive, but rare. To be reserved if necessary for vehicles of great value with regard to car in England formalities.