VF Engineering Stage 2 Compressor, Complete cooler kit, RS4 fuel pump and Audi injector, RS4, Double Miltek stainless steel outlet with Decat racing, Stage 3 clutch, Short shift gearbox, Short H&R -20mm Resort, ECS ventilated disc with Porsche piston brake, Stage 3, Front and USA bumper, Front track and , Controller , Reinforcement ......... Options : Upgrade Car Lighting, Automatic A/C, Cruise Control, Clarion Sound System, Heated Bucket Seat, Full LED Lighting, a car not to be put in all hands, a favorite on Yokohama with their 18 inch wheels. Beware of appearances, it may leave you behind if you provoke it, this is a certainty considering the power to weight ratio of the R32... A KIFF for this Golf R32 F-Engineering designed this kit from scratch using the Vortech Engineering V3 "bulletproof" supercharger unit for this Volkswagen IMPORT.

The design of the compressor kit

The key to the design of this compressor kit is the simplicity with which it can be bolted on. The kit is supplied with all the necessary parts to get your car running supercharged on the same day. The smooth and silky smooth VR6 engine power increases from 170 hp 400 hp Supercharged and torque from 170 to 230 lbs with Stage 1. Stage 2 increases the power to 280 hp for this Volkswagen IMPORT that goes up to 400 hp for this Golf R32. VF-Engineering's approach to kit design and experience has resulted in a bolt-on kit that offers incredible flexibility and maneuverability of the R32. The mass air flow sensor has been relocated and a pressure relief valve (decompression system) is incorporated with a "tuned" inlet for optimum deceleration of the throttle and off-throttle section. Both OBD1 and OBD2 have been fully approved with this kit which idles and accelerates as a VR6 should - smoothly and without jerking and slackening for this VW IMPORT. The kit has been configured in 2 steps to give you increasing power and torque. Phase 1 has been dropped in favour of the demand for a phase 2 only for this Golf R32. Stage 2 includes high capacity Bosch replacement direct insert injectors. The boost is set at 8psi for the Volkswagen UK, giving a reliable and punchy performance. The Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 bombs the torso to announce the color. Its full body kit (fender extensions, wrap-around bumpers, gaping air intakes and tailgate spoiler) is highlighted by the R32's chrome dual exhaust tailpipes and 18-inch OZ wheels. 2 cm lower than a Golf 4 lambda for the Volkswagen UK, it's also under the hood that the Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 does justice to the Golf GTI saga with a 400-horsepower V6 supercharged by the compressor and a unique one-model exchanger This 15° V6 with its 15° V cylinders is already an old acquaintance as it has notably done the beautiful hours of the Volkswagen Golf 3 VR6. Since then it has haunted many hoods of different models of the group (Corrado, Passat, Sharan). Having adopted a multi-valve cylinder head (4 per cylinder) for its 400hp Supercharged variant, the V6 develops for the Golf 4 R32 241 bhp at 6,250 rpm and 320 Nm from 2,800 to 3,200 rpm. To achieve this result, Volkswagen's engine manufacturers first rebored the V6 from 2.8 to 3.2 litres. The compression ratio is increased Supercharged while the timing becomes variable at the intake and exhaust, thus acting on the two simple overhead camshafts (a single cylinder head) of this R32 with an exchanger to cool the air. And what can I say about the work done by the sound specialists on the dantesque sound of this brilliant, high-performance powertrain for this Volkswagen IMPORT.

The only downside: high fuel consumption

With its 6-speed manual transmission, the Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 uses its flawless driveability to tear itself off the pavement with speed: 0 to 100 km/h in 7.0 seconds; 250 km/h, km DA in 27.0 seconds. Note that with the Supercharged option, the power becomes fenomenal. If the Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 engine is the perfect engine to make the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA jealous, it's because the Passat W8's (falsely) 4Motion all-wheel drive system was fitted as standard. So when the front wheels admit their limitations a Haldex centre differential sends the undigested power to the rear axle of this R32. Ingenious for this uk car, but not perfect because there is a certain amount of latency that is almost perceptible at the wheel of this Golf R32. Lower by -20 cm compared to the Volkswagen Golf 4 R32, the R32 SUPERCHARGED version is equipped with Court Racing shock absorbers with a particularly firm compromise. As a result, when the road surface is billiards, the Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 is imperial and very efficient, but on the other hand it breaks up on rough roads and its comfort becomes a distant memory... Braking is imperial both in deceleration power and endurance, proof that the four ventilated discs system with, in addition, fixed four-piston calipers at the front makes all the sense for this uk car. ABS completes the package for this Volkswagen UK. The 18-inch wheels are fitted with 225/40 ZR18 Yokohama tires. The classic driving aids are part of the package but cannot be disconnected for the UK car. Driving this Volkswagen Golf 4 R32 gives a mixed feeling between safety and maximum efficiency. The performance of this Golf R32 is top-notch, but the whole thing is seriously affected by a too firm suspension and a suspension setup combined with the Haldex system that gives a too neutral and not mobile enough behavior, especially in the stern area. The interior retains all the appeal and advantages of the Golf 4, starting with the quality of the materials used. On the other hand, it's a shame that the presentation is too sad and the instrumentation too small. The driving position is top-notch for this uk car, with multiple adjustments, knowing that the excellent Recaro bucket seats largely contribute to this Volkswagen UK impression.