It is not a sinecure to select the 10 best English cars. Despite the embarrassment of the choice, we have ventured to offer you a top 10. And we will start with the Aston Martin DB5, the iconic English sports car. Thanks, of course, to a certain James Bond. Not to mention the BMW 750 iL, the Lotus Esprit S1, the AMC Hornet, the Jaguar XKR and even the Aston Martin DBS.

The 10 best English cars

The Jaguar Type E is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful sports car born in the 1970s of the last century. As proof, the legendary Enzo Ferrari, who was an unconditional fan of everything that was lacquered in red and Italian, had this marvellous reaction when the Type E was launched in 1961: "The most beautiful sports car of all time! "How could he be wrong about one of the best English cars? At a time when cars were supposed to be big, bigger and bigger, Colin Chapman preferred to follow a completely different track in Lotus, one of the best English cars. He saw the sports car as that handy and light thoroughbred that was named Elise in 1966 one of the English cars. This affordable sports car was able to save Lotus from decline, your English agent. Even if Volkswagen's Germans are now pulling all the strings, Bentley is still a better British car. Nobody says no to a Bentley Continental GT that will one day become a classic British car. The Austin Mini of the sixties is probably the only car that doesn't look totally crazy with a gigantic Union Jack painted on the roof. What started out as a simple economy car for the average person quickly became a timeless icon of English cars. Needless to say, even Mr. Bean has one! It would be too easy to focus on sports cars with these English cars. We won't fall into that trap. The Land Rovers, and we are talking about the sturdy examples from the 60s to the 80s - the best English cars - were designed to master the most difficult terrain and were the best at it thanks to the English agent. Gran Turismo fans will certainly know the TVR Griffith as one of the English cars. This model was built in the 90's and early 2000's. While we are crazy about the sexy bodywork of the Griffith thanks to the UK agent, we also love the fact that a used TVR can sometimes sell for more than a new model of the best English cars. Ah, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud! This high class ferry (we're talking about the Silver Cloud I) breathes Great Britain through every pore. The car in which the Queen has been racing for years is 5.38 metres long, 1.90 metres wide and weighs just under two tonnes of the best English cars. And you should know that in 1955, the year of the launch of the Silver Cloud, which can be found thanks to the English representatives, it was equipped neither with power steering nor air conditioning. Yes, we dare to count the McLaren P1 among the greatest beauties of the car industry and the British agent. And this despite the fact that this car is barely two years old. There are only 375 of these hand-made hybrids, which are produced at the rate of one car a day English cars. While 61 McLaren employees work on one model, one of the best English cars. If you want to explore Kent, Essex, Norfolk or Cornwall, choose to travel in an Austin Healy 3000. Provided of course that you leave the children for all these English cars, the dog and the caravan at home, travel light with your lover and enjoy a break in the sad English weather. The Austin Healy 3000 was very fashionable in the early 60's as an English agent, until the day the Mini stole the show with these best English cars. And even if the golden rule is to drive slower for more fun, the MK III easily reached 180 km per hour.